IAA Transport™

*Urgent Notice*

IAA Transport for destinations more than 100 miles from an IAA Branch is unavailable at this time. We are currently working to add new and exciting features. For now, please schedule your transportation through Instant Transport Quote.

Vehicle Transportation Now Available for Domestic Towing

Getting your vehicle where it needs to go just got easier. When you select “IAA Transport” at checkout, you’ll receive a quote based on distance or final destination – then simply click “Yes.” IAA will handle delivering the vehicle anywhere in the continental U.S.

Why IAA Transport?


  • -Monitor your vehicle’s status at IAAI.com
  • -Access the service from your computer or smart phone
  • -Customer service offered in 8 languages
  • -Work directly with IAA throughout the entire process


  • -Features more than 4,500 registered carriers representing 30,000+ trucks
  • -Offers full damage-claim handling via IAA Buyer Services


  • -No additional storage fees*
  • -Free expedited delivery on title documents
  • -Save on wire fees by covering your vehicle purchase and delivery in a single payment


  • -Receive a real-time delivery quote
  • -AFC financing available for licensed business buyers

Watch this video to learn more

*Any storage fees accrued before IAA Transport is requested are still the responsibility of the buyer.